Mala beads + Intention-setting

I picked my beads yesterday for mala-making in a couple weeks.



The woman who will be guiding us through making malas told us we should just pick whatever beads we were drawn to, no matter if we had our intention figured out yet, and it would more likely than not end up matching our intention.

I don’t have my intention yet, but I was drawn toward these earthy jade beads and a picture jasper. I’m also ordering some matte onyx to offset the light colors.

I’m drawn toward the idea of choosing a poem for my intention. (They don’t have to be Sanskrit mantras, although they can be.) I may spend this week looking for a poem.

Meanwhile, I’m also reading The Untethered Soul for yoga teacher training. I may post more about it later; I’m only halfway through it. But it is so engaging and relevant so far.


What have you been reading lately? Do you have any suggestions for a mantra-poem?



2 thoughts on “Mala beads + Intention-setting

  1. I love that. Definitely going to put that book on my yoga list…I’m starting my training in July and I’m so so sooooo excited! As far as poems are concerned, or something of the like, check out the Upanishads. I’m gleaning so much from it….really uplifting stuff about celebrating the self and our light.

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    1. Tiffany, I am SO EXCITED for you to start teacher training!!! You’re going to love it so much! And thanks for the suggestions! I’ll have to look this week. 🙂

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