Trust the process.

Yesterday was my one-year anniversary of living and working in Lincoln. Which is basically the one-year anniversary of the universe being like, “hey, do you have plans for your life? HAHA GOOD JOKE.”

I want to say something deep and reflective about this last year, but I’m not coming up with too much that hasn’t already been said.

So I’ll leave you with this: in a couple weeks, we’ll be making malas in yoga teacher training. Malas are comprised of 108 beads and are similar in some ways to a rosary, I’ve been told. I don’t know a lot about malas yet, but our homework before March is to pick our beads for our malas and come up with a mantra to go with them.

As I think on the last year, the only mantra, the only thread of continuity I can find: “Trust the process.”

Trust that you will learn and grow. Trust that you are where you’re meant to be at this moment in time. Trust that the universe will conspire to bring good things to you.

This is me finishing my first week of work one year ago tomorrow. All I hope is that I look older and less awkward now.


I’ll just trust the process on that one.



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