Love Letters, Pt. II

Earlier this week, I posted about my experience with writing love letters in my yoga teacher training.

My challenge was to write a love letter to someone who is not your significant other, but someone you care about who could do well to hear some positive thoughts about themselves.

Well, here’s challenge #2: write a love letter to yourself.

I know, I know. This is cheesy.

But, I promise, it is worth it. It is valuable to stop and reflect on what we like about ourselves, what we are proud of. It is good for our mental, emotional, relational health.

If you feel this exercise is far too lame and you need some ideas for getting started and making it less sappy, here you go:

  • Write a letter to your younger self, gently remembering how much you have grown. (Anne did a gorgeous example of this here.)
  • Make a list of attributes you are proud of.
  • Pretend you’re writing about yourself through your significant other’s perspective. What do they see? What do you want them to see?
  • Create a timeline of achievements — what are big things (or little things that are big to you) that you’ve accomplished?
  • Write out a list of things you love — activities, objects, feelings. Incorporate some of those items into every day. For example, I love yoga, cute coffee mugs, reading blogs, watching Friends (#sorrynotsorry). It’s a practice in self-love to incorporate what you enjoy doing into each and every day.
  • Make a collage board of images of you and people you love or of you doing things you love. Every time you look at it, remind yourself how much awesome you have in your life.

I’m still working on my self-love letter/list, but I may post one this weekend. Or I may just keep it in my journal. We’ll see how sappy/embarrassing I get. 

I’d love to hear in the comments what you plan to do. What’s one attribute you like about yourself? What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self? 
My piece of advice: stop saying “yes” to things you want to say “no” to. I think it takes a lot of us far too long to learn (and re-learn) this.



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