Love Letters


I started realizing this weekend: my life has changed drastically over the course of this yoga teacher training.

I didn’t pinpoint it as more than coincidence until now. But, suddenly, as I’m reflecting and immersing myself in these exercises of authenticity, it’s like I can’t afford to be inauthentic anymore. I can’t afford to transgress my dharma–or go against what I know in my heart to be true. In this training, I have gained overflowing joy, community, love, and courage. I can’t believe I am nearly halfway through.

This past weekend, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we practiced some exercises of love and affirmation in our teacher training.

One of these was to write love letters.

After focusing on inversions and arm balances for about 3 hours, we brought it down, dimmed the lights, and each drew a name. We had ten minutes, then, to write a love letter to that person.

It takes some focus: what loving words can I say to, about this person? What do they need to hear?

We then sat in a circle and took turns as 2 of us sat in the middle, one reading their love letter and one listening.

Do you know how incredible it is to hear what someone else sees in you?

It’s a gift. These letters were Valentine’s gifts so much greater than chocolate or flowers or tickets to 50 Shades of Grey. This is something deep, honest, something to cherish.

Here’s my challenge: Write a love letter this Valentine’s Day — but not to your significant other. Maybe it’s your mom, your best friend, your coworker, your boss. But take ten minutes, focus all your energy, and then write a love letter.

I promise that person will not be disappointed.



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