Guest post + 3 frugal purchases I’m proud of

So if you haven’t heard of her, there’s this really awesome person named Ashley who blogs over at Saving Money in Your Twenties.

I stumbled onto her blog a few months ago because of it’s clever name and because I thought, Ugh, I could probably use the advice she has. I quickly realized how relevant and clever her blog is — and how she has the coolest philosophy ever that you can save money and, you know, still have a life.

We started emailing a bit and Ashley is actually one of the people who really encouraged me to get started on my own blog! She gave me a lot of helpful tips and I am so grateful to her. 🙂

Today, she interviewed me for her Gettin’ Nosy series, so head on over to her blog and check out all the financial thoughts I never mention here.

So, because I’m talking about money and finances over on Ashley’s blog today, I figured I’d talk a little frugality talk over here, too, okay?

Over the last two years, I have moved 3 times. One of those moves included the rental of my first solo apartment, which meant: I bought a lot of stuff.

Here are a couple purchases I’m most proud of:


My bed. So, I spent 4 years in college using the beds owned by the university. Which was all good and fine, but when I graduated and went home, all that was left for me was the little twin bed I had been sleeping in since I graduated from a crib.

I actually moved that twin bed into my first place in Maryland, because I literally had almost no money and couldn’t afford to buy anything new.

When I moved again to Nebraska, I didn’t want to hold on to the 20-year-old twin bed. So I did dip into my savings a bit (I had been working retail in Maryland = I didn’t really have expendable income) and bought some furniture.

This bed frame was an awesome Craigslist find that cost me about $100. Yes, the guy I bought it from didn’t seem normal. My 6’2″ male roommate came with me to pick it up and it was all okay.


No, I didn’t get that TV for a cheap deal.

In this photo, I’m proud of my TV stand. I’m part of a local consignment Facebook page, called LinConsign, where other people living in Lincoln will post items they have for sale. Kind of like Craigslist, but local and you can cyberstalk the people who are posting.

Well, I ended up getting this TV stand for $15 this past summer. $15! It’s in excellent condition, really heavy and well-made, and the top shelf holding the television actually swivels so you can point it to wherever you are sitting in the room.


Okay so I had just gone running when I took this photo, and I wanted to cover my sweaty, makeup-less face. (Can we talk for a minute about how the iPhone 6 plus is as big as my face? Yeah, not on my list of frugal purchases…)

The item I’m proud of here is my North Face fleece pullover. Guess what I bought this for? Just guess.

Okay I’ll tell you: $18.


I mentioned on Ashley’s blog today that I don’t like buying secondhand clothes, that they usually are a dud for me. And that is absolutely true — of the dozens of secondhand clothes I’ve bought, this is one of 3 pieces that I still have and wear.

I bought it on Twice, an online consignment store. They give you 40% of your first purchase, and the prices are already way down than in a regular store.

This North Face was part of my first purchase, hence the ridiculously low price.

Here’s my advice with online consignment stores though: only buy brands of which you already know your size. Otherwise it’s just a hassle and a gamble.

Question for the day: what’s one purchase you’re extremely proud of? 

Thanks for stopping by today!



4 thoughts on “Guest post + 3 frugal purchases I’m proud of

  1. ahhhh hahaha I love this!! I keep meaning to get a real bed frame… but haven’t yet. Yours is super cutel! also I like your curtains! PS so glad you started blogging because now I can stalk you here yayyyy! 🙂 thanks again for being my interview-ee and giving such good answers! 🙂

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