No BS Monthly Review 02.02.15

Imagine, for a moment, a version of you. The version of you. You know which one. That “if only” person. That person you really want to be, “if only.”

“If only”: more money, less weight, better clothes, fancy car, nicer house. You know who I’m talking about.

I started following Nicole a few months ago, and let me tell you, her blog has changed my life.

There’s this concept called dharma, which is loosely translated to English as “following your heart.” We studied it last month in my yoga teacher training. And there’s this cool addendum to it, that the closer you get to being that “if only” person, the closer you are following your dharma.

But, as people like Nicole reinforce for me, sometimes those “if only” qualifiers actually are not relevant at all. Sometimes, you can become that “if only” person without actually getting any of those material “if only” things.

Sometimes, it takes a few moments of reflection to check in and ask if you’re closer or farther from that “if only” person. So today, I’m sharing my monthly check-in through a worksheet created by Nicole. Feel free to use these questions for yourself and let me know about your check-in: what are you looking forward to, proud of, keeping in mind? I’d love to hear from you ❤

Thinking back over the month of January I am:


  • impressed by the way I handled: entering “singledom” again. I like to think I am being at least mildly graceful about it.
  • so glad I read: or, have started reading, Jesus CallingIt’s not for everyone, but it’s really touching me.
  • continually inspired by: my yoga teacher training, and the beautiful people who are all teacher trainees with me.

Looking ahead to February, I am: 

  • super excited about: that my move to a new apartment and period of minimalism is finally here.
  • choosing to let go of: the negative parts of 2014, and instead will focus on the lessons.
  • fully committed to: training for this half-marathon.
  • consciously prioritizing: eating healthfully and mindfully.
  • going to ask for help with: the parts of my yoga homework I don’t understand. Anatomy test, I’m looking at you.
  • keeping this quote in mind: I have two because I can’t resist a good Pinterest quote.

dc06ffcce360f8076ab4757eab5e08f9 image



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