Weekend according to my iPhone 01.26.15


I’m like halfway through Friends already. I think the whole world forgot how awesome this show is.


I was proud of myself for how well I cleaned up after yoga without washing my hair.




The public library is so underappreciated.



Mac & cheese with sundried tomato, artichoke hearts, and black olives. Holy yum!




What did you do this weekend?

I’ll be recapping my no-sugar challenge tomorrow, so stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Weekend according to my iPhone 01.26.15

  1. I love emily giffin but I don’t think I’ve read that one… need to put it on my list! (and YES THE PUBLIC LIBRARY IS SO UNDERAPPRECIATED! agree x10000) also I will probably never forgive you for posting that amazing pic of mac n cheese… gahhh now I want some!!

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    1. The Emily Giffin book is really good! It’s kind of sad in the typical Emily Giffin way though — like it makes you have a mini existential crisis but in a good way! If that makes any sense! haha


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