5 Favorite Things Lately

1. I got this watch for Christmas and I finally feel like I have something to wear as an accessory to work. I can’t wear jewelry at my current job, so I am constantly looking for cute scarves and shoes and other non-earring accessory items (I am an earring fiend.)


2. One of my fellow yoga teacher trainees made this image after our recent training weekend. Everything about it makes me happy.


3. I finally mailed my BFF her Christmas gift. In January. Procrastination at its finest.


Now we have matching mugs, though. 🙂 Mine is pink and has an A on it; hers is green and has a C on it.


4. I know it’s everywhere right now, but the comments section of the glitter bomb is too much for me to handle.

5. I got this lotus candle for my birthday. “They say the lotus can grow through rain and mud and still emerge in beauty.” I wrote a poem about that once that perhaps I will share soon.


What are some of your favorite things right now?



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