FAVORITES: Holiday playlist

Hello, hello! I had my 3rd weekend of yoga teacher training this past weekend, so I had little time to prep any posts for this week. Plus, vacation is coming right up and I’m having a hard time focusing on little else. So, if you love the holidays as much as I do, this post is for you.

First: a couple things making me happy lately:

Last week my beautiful coworkers and I made an absurd amount of Christmas cookies for our office Christmas party, which included our admissions and financial aid offices, as well as all 20 of our student workers!

IMG_2975 IMG_2976

It’s horrific lighting, but we had glowing smiles, so I figured it balanced out?

Second, the hard case for my laptop finally came from Amazon! I don’t care what you think about the extreme pink. It makes me smile.

IMG_2993 IMG_2992

(Please excuse the mess on my kitchen table.)

And lastly, here’s a holiday playlist I made on Spotify last night. Because I can’t get enough of holiday music (it only comes for like one month year)!!

I’ll be honest, a lot of these are by the same artists. Because they are my favorites. And, this is a list with not so many classics and more original songs. That’s just how I do.


Run, Run Rudolph – Kelly Clarkson

Oklahoma Christmas – Blake Shelton ft. Reba

All I Want for Christmas is You – Michael Buble

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Idina Menzel ft. Michael Buble

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Kristin Chenoweth

Coming Home – Sugarland

Sleigh Ride/Marshmallow World – Kristin Chenoweth

Wrapped in Red – Kelly Clarkson

Holly Jolly Christmas – Sugarland

Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson

Cold December Night – Michael Buble

Maybe Baby (New Year’s Day) – Sugarland

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Judy Garland

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

My very favorite is “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” But of new songs, I love Kelly Clarkson’s “Wrapped in Red” and “Underneath the Tree” and Michael Buble’s “Cold December Night.” Okay, clearly I can’t pick just one.



2 thoughts on “FAVORITES: Holiday playlist

  1. hi I’m stalking old posts on your blog because for some silly reason I forgot to add it to my bloglovin soooo now i’m catching up. anyway a) I LOVE that pink case on your comp!!! and b) I really wish I had seen this before christmas because i love a good holiday playlist!!!


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